Hello, I'm Thomas Crank.


Hi there!

I’m Thomas Crank, your partner in helping your student(s) improve their writing—the fun way!

I’ve been writing, coaching, and teaching writing for over 10 years now. I’ve taught middle school, high school, and college English; and I have coached 4–12 graders in writing.

My passion is turning writing haters into wordsmiths.

Equipping You With a Plan

Does your student struggle with writing or run out of ideas?

You really can reach your writing goals for your student by getting them to write more. But this can be a challenge—especially if they are resisting writing.

Maybe it’s not fun enough, they tell you, or maybe they get stuck.

Over the last 10+ years I’ve been helping struggling writers improve their writing and even find enjoyment.

With the right plan, your student can improve and they might even find they enjoy it.

That’s where the CrankOut Words Writing Plan comes in.