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Do you wish you could make writing fun for your student? Maybe right now it’s kind of tough to get them writing?

With a plan and some inspiration, you can make this a reality. Imagine your student actually enjoying the writing process—so much so that they keep writing even after the allotted time.

That’s where the CrankOut Words Writing Plan comes in. 

I’ve used this system to turn writing-haters into wordsmiths time and time again. Take my student Mounika, for example. When she first started working with me, she did not want to write, but a few classes later she was writing her own novelette—in her free time!


I followed the same plan I am going to teach you. Download this plan and get:

  • A step-by-step writing plan that gets results
  • Strategies for busting two common student writing excuses
  • 5 writing prompts that make writing FEEL LIKE A GAME!

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How to really inspire your student

I created The Writer’s Sketchbook series to help make writing fun again. These books are packed with unique, inspiring writing prompts that get students writing.

Students will often have so much fun they forget they are doing work. Warning: some students have had such a good time that they assigned themselves homework!

This doesn’t just work on the writing lovers, by the way. Writing haters are welcome too—our goal is to turn them into wordsmiths. Take my student Mouni, for example. She did not like writing when I met her, but she started using the same prompts I provide you in these sketchbooks, and soon she was writing her own novel—in her free time!

She learned to love writing, and she improved her writing—by starting a writing habit.

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