Short Stories—Lesson 5: Idea making Part Three: Brainstorming

What is brainstorming?

So far we’ve discussed two kinds of freewriting: “total” and “focused.” Now, let’s learn another idea-making tool.


Think of brainstorming as “brain dumping” or “free listing.” The goal of brainstorming is to list as many ideas as possible as fast as possible without judging the value of any of them. The writer wants to get as many ideas on paper as possible, and then after they are done they can choose whether or not they are really good ideas.


Brainstorming Practice One

Set a timer for 1 minute and list as many superhero names as you can. Then mix them up and create your own superhero names.


Brainstorming Practice Two

Imagine you are about to go on an adventure to defeat a dragon and rescue a princess. What should you take with you on your adventure? Set a timer for 1 minute and list as many items as you can.


Brainstorming Practice Three

Set a timer for 2 minutes and list the all the different ways you could escape from a locked room.


Extra Credit

Go back to Brainstorm Practice Two and write a story about the adventure. The characters in your story may only use the items you brainstormed. Hopefully they will be well equipped.


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