Short Stories—Lesson 8: Growing your idea library Part One

We’ve already discussed the writing process. There is also a process, or life cycle, to sketchbooks as well.


The process goes like this: Ideas —> Sketches —> Drafts —> Manuscripts —> Published Documents


This class will take you through the the first four of these. We will just briefly touch on publishing at the end of the class.


The first week of the class is focused on making ideas. The more ideas you feed your sketchbook, the more stories you can make, and it will be an easier process.


I should warn you though: the writing process and sketchbooking process are messy; you will not necessarily follow this path in order. You will be getting ideas while you are sketching, and then drafting while you get more ideas, and then drafting while you write manuscripts.


Growing Your Idea Library

We’re going to start filling your sketchbook with ideas so you can have a lot of ideas to pull from when we start sketching and drafting stories.


To help you make a ton of ideas, we are going to do a series of focused freewrites and brainstorming to pull your ideas out of your head and get them on paper.


Activity #1

Pick a prompt:

Write about this prompt for 15 minutes


This sandwich is a spaceship!

Never. Ever. Mess with a . . .