Online Writing Classes

Online Writing Classes

I know how hard it is to get and stay motivated to write. You sit down to work on your book, and you just aren’t feeling it, but you keep dreaming it will happen someday—someday, you’ll write that book. I know what it’s like to lose a little sleep, wondering what others think about you when you don’t finish my writing projects.


If you’re like most people, you’ve thought that inspiration will strike you some day, and that’s when your book will get finished. Actually, most of the time it doesn’t. Inspiration may never strike, and your book just sits there in your brain, unwritten, unread, or it sits unfinished on your computer. But the good news is it doesn’t have to end like this. I’ve developed a writing system to help you start a writing habit and gets results (and it might even keep you from losing some sleep).


I know this is probably not your first attempt at getting inspired, so the idea of yet another writing class just doesn’t seem helpful. Well, for less than the price of most video games, I can help you develop a writing habit that gets you inspired and keeps you out of writer’s block. Plus, my coaching is guaranteed. If you take one of my classes and aren’t inspired by the end of the class, I’ll throw in some free online coaching with me to get you fired up.


It’s time to write your stories, so sign up today for your online class. Don’t wait for inspiration, sign up now!

Available Classes


New!—Writing Short Stories I (Coming Soon)

Get out of writer’s block and get your stories written. Learn how to . . .

  • get ideas for stories
  • defeat writer’s block
  • develop and grow your writing library
  • draft a series of short stories
  • create interesting characters and settings
  • use images to effectively show instead of tell

Get over 30 writing lessons plus a personal portfolio critique from me.

Writing Short Stories II (Coming Soon)

This class picks up where Short Stories I ends. Learn how to . . .

  • structure your stories with plot devices
  • show instead of tell
  • use grammar to spice up your stories
  • edit your stories
  • see your stories differently with revision strategies

Get over 30 writing lessons plus a personal portfolio critique from me.