The Writer’s Sketchbook: A Volatile Adventure

The Writer’s Sketchbook: A Volatile Adventure (NEW!)

cover for A Volatile AdventureStrap on your adventurer’s gear and launch your new writing quest, but beware—I’ve heard the treasure might just be alive, and stop singing that song; it’s illegal on seven worlds. Oh, and you might want to take this fruit. I hear it’s great for jailbreaks.

What am I missing? Ah yes. Your horse thinks it’s a taxi. Okay, see ya!

Watch writer’s block melt, run, whimper, and die when you arm yourself with your own idea arsenal. The Writer’s Sketchbook is a place for you to create, keep, and play with ideas.

This book is packed with 25 writing prompts and 5 writing games to help you crank out words. Plus, you’ll learn how to avoid writing excuses and brainstorm more effectively. Comes with 2 dice.

Line-less pages provide the ideal place to write without constraints, doodle, draw, and plan your stories.

It’s time to start a writing habit!

The Writer’s Sketchbook: Volatile Adventure brings you 30 new writing prompts:

  • 5 Story Starters
  • 5 Brainstorming
  • 5 Story Problems
  • 5 What ifs?
  • 5 Unfolding Stories
  • 5 Writing Games New!

Look inside

I’ve collected some of my best writing games for this book. These games include:

Random Story Machine: Break out of writer’s block and generate names for characters! Print and play the demo here.

Volatile Adventure: Write your story. Roll the die. Survive.

The Writer’s Sketchbook: A Volatile Adventure—$24.95

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Does this book work?

You bet! Just like book one, students and teachers alike are excited about what they find inside.

Learn more about the Writer’s Sketchbook method: