The Writer’s Sketchbook: Weird Worlds

The Writer’s Sketchbook: Weird Worlds


Explore a world where sandwiches are spaceships and beards are illegal, where trees grow into outer space and everyone’s a ten-second time traveler, where—what’s that? You want a turn? Go for it. Your world awaits.

Watch writer’s block melt, run, whimper, and die when you arm yourself with your own idea arsenal. The Writer’s Sketchbook is a place for you to create, keep, and play with ideas. Learn how one writer used this book to inspire himself to get out of writer’s block!

This book is packed with 30 writing prompts to help you crank out words. Plus, you’ll also get strategies for defeating writer’s block and getting ideas for stories.

Line-less pages provide the ideal place to write without constraints, doodle, draw, and plan your stories.

It’s time to start a writing habit!

This book will help you . . .

  • Defeat writer’s block
  • Get ideas for stories
  • Start your writing library
  • Write 30 short stories with inspiring writing prompts
  • Double the value of your book with strategies for re-using writing prompts to create new stories
  • Fit more words on each page and increase creativity with line-less pages

Look inside

The Writer’s Sketchbook: Weird Worlds—$21.95

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Does this book work?

You bet! Students and teachers alike are excited about what they find inside. Learn how the book brought one writer out of a creative slump!

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