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Welcome to the writing teacher resource page! Whether you teach elementary, secondary, or post-secondary students, you can adapt the materials here to suit your needs. Visit my blog for new writing resources.

Free Download: Six 6-sided Dice Games for Writers

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Conference Recap

Last week, we had an amazing time at the ACTS teacher convention. We discussed how to make writing more fun and how to assign more writing while avoiding burnout. I’ve written up the notes for you in case you missed a session or wanted to reference the concepts in the future

Session 1: Five ways to make writing more fun

Click here to read this conference presentation.

Session 2: Assign more writing, grade less, and keep your students from trashing your feedback

Click here to read this conference presentation.

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Other Resources for Writing teachers


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Writing Prompts

Writing Games

On the road to adventure


Infographic picture of how to show instead of tell. Don't write ship if it's called a panamax freighter. There's a simple picture of a wooden boat and a detailed picture of a freighter.